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Oticon Hearing Aids

Among the largest providers of hearing aids and allied hearing solution, Oticon ranks at number three. Given the strong working ethics of the company, it focuses on offering quality hearing solutions to people suffering from hearing loss. The range and type of hearing aids offered are on the basis of fact that degree of hearing impairment might differ from person to person and their hearing needs also differ.

Natural sound quality and impeccable experience that is offered by hearing machines from Oticon has earned a distinguished reputation for the brand. Oticon Intiga, the award winning feature of the brand offers most discreet sound quality. The hearing aids from Oticon are not only known for their quality but are also a true performer and lasts long.

Oticon ConnectLine is one of the latest inclusions and is known to offer never before quality of sound. The life like sound experience offered by the products of Oticon instates the trust over designs and manufacturing capabilities of the company. Oticon has won more than 20 awards for corporate and development achievements since 1991. The hearing aids offered by Oticon are popularly used in more than 22 countries through 80 independent distributors worldwide.

Oticon hearing aids of almost all types are available at Decibel Clinic. The wide range of hearing machines that we offer at Decibel allows our customers to get the exact hearing aid that suits their style and needs. The products that we offer at Decibel are accompanies with easily comprehensible and interactive multi-media materials ensuring our customers find it easy to use and care for the products. The range of Oticon hearing aids that we offer at Decibel at affordable price includes the following:

  • BTE (Behind the Ear)
  • CIC (Completely in Canal)
  • IIC (Invisible in Canal)
  • Analog Hearing Aids
  • ITC (In the Canal)
  • ITE (In the Ear)
  • RIC (Receiver in Canal)
  • Digital Hearing Aids

“ Hearing loss is more noticable than a hearing aid “

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