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Siemens Hearing Aids

Which hearing aid is right depends on many factors, including desired features, anatomy of your ear, specific lifestyle needs, budget, cosmetic appeal, and more. It is best to work with a hearing professional to determine the right style for you. BTE aids sit behind or above the outer ear with tubing that carries the sound down into the ear canal via a custom-fitted earmold or dome style that does not block the opening of the entire ear canal. We at Decibel Clinic, is one of the finest dealer of BTE Hearing Aids, our offered products are very affordable and we offer our products in Noida, South Delhi, Kamla Nagar, Gurgaon, Green Park, DLF Gurgaon, Hauz Khas, Atta Market Noida, Greater Kailash ( GK), Saket, Delhi NCR, Gurugram, Green PArk, Noida Sector 18, Model Town, Dehradun, Jaipur, Sohna Road, Lajpat Nagar, Vasant Kunj, South Extension, South Extension, Vasant Vihar, Chanakya puri, Patel Nagar, Connaught Place ( CP). BTE styling is available in a variety of colors to match hair or skin tone, as well as attractive designs for personal flair. All electronic parts of the hearing aid are in the housing that sits behind your ear. With a customized earmold and a tube direct sound in your ear you can easily control the volume and select programs on most BTEs. Both RIC and BTE hearing aids have a hard case or shell, which remains behind the ear. This is the case with most (or in some cases, all) electronic components of hearing aid such as microphones, amplifiers, digital chips and speakers. Both styles also feature an earpiece that is placed in the ear - this earpiece can be either a custom ear mold or a non-custom ear dome. The earpiece attaches to the hearing aid via tubing, an ear hook or a thin wire, depending on the style.

The conventionally elongated shape of BTE hearing instruments allows them to use a stronger amplifier and larger batteries. They can greatly enhance sounds in both the high-frequency and low-frequency ranges. RIC hearing aids can also offer a considerable range, but those with severe hearing loss will still need a big boost from the BTE style. Decibel Clinic offered hearing aid is suitable for all age groups. The hearing aids behind the ear are suitable for most degrees of hearing loss and are the most common type of hearing aid used by most people. Advances in technology have made BTE hearing aids more intelligent and less bulky. Newly designed hearing aids are also available behind the new ears. This type of hearing aid is most efficient in sound amplification, but it can also increase noise and background sounds.

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