Types of Hearing Aid

There is a vast variety available when it comes to looking for a hearing aid in the 21st century. Modern times have brought us hearing aids and types that utilize the upscale microprocessor technology. Hearing devices are so tiny that it is virtually impossible to tell if someone is wearing an in-ear hearing aid.
There is another range of these devices that are small enough to be held on your fingertips. Let us look at some of the popular varieties of shell sizes that are available in the market today.

The Receiver-in-Ear (RIE)

This hearing piece is fixed behind a person’s ear and it contains all parts of the tiny device other than the speaker. The receiver or speaker rests on your ear’s canal and is connected to the device with the help of a transparent tube. The casing which is the piece behind the patient’s ear is so small that it is barely visible; this tiny device truly is a good thing that comes in a small package.

A Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

A majority of people use these hearing aids and they are quite popular all around the world. This hearing aids and types is a curved piece that rests behind the ear; it comes in flesh tones, which gives it a great camouflage. A BTE device is connected by means of a transparent tube to the ear canal a specially designed ear mold could also be used.

The Microphone-in-Concha Device (MIC)

The MIC is designed specifically to stay out of sight by staying in the ear canal. This one needs to be manufactured as per the customer’s ear canal to be a perfect fit and give a natural sound. The microphone is worn within the concha and transparent tubes transmit sound waves from the MIC to the concha in the ear canal.

Completely-in-Canal (CIC)

This device hides completely within the ear canal and run on batteries that will need to be charged at some point. These are custom made as well to match your ear requirements. They simulate natural hearing and succeed in giving you a crystal clear sound.

In-the-Canal Device (ITC)

These are affixed in the lower area of the outer ear near the ear canal and prove to be easy to fix and remove. They are a little larger that some tiny devices but they still manage to be quite discreet. The plus point is that they have a cozy fit, and a long battery life. These work extremely well in numerous environments which are what makes them such a much sought after option.

The In-the-Ear Variety (ITE)

The ITE style devices completely cover the entire outer ear and they are technological giants in the true sense. They are larger, which makes it easy to control them because controls are located on the outside of the ear. They are the go to option for people with profound hearing losses and are ideal for seniors with an extra long battery backup.
Most of these hearing aids and types use tiny computer chips that pack a bang with advanced algorithms engrained in them that do wonders for the human ear. People who wear them can automatically adjust the sound to the level or volume that is comfortable to them. These modern devices are so tiny that they give you the advantage of walking around with a tiny human ear that makes it possible to hear nearby conversations. It is lucky that technology has advanced and given us such innovative and efficient hearing aids, as it is the only option most hearing impaired people have to perceive sound.

Top Hearing Aid Brands

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