The standard manufacturer guarantee that comes along with our digital hearing aids India vary from 2-year to 5-year. At Decibel Speech and Hearing Aids Centers, we dedicatedly try to complete minor repairs of ear moulds or aids on the same day. However, in some of the cases, we ask you to leave back your instrument for repair. Further, if the repairs are way too complicated and require industrial expertise or machinery then we send the instrument for repair to the service centers of the manufacturer.

We also try and provide you a spare hearing aid till your instrument is in repair or service; however, it is as per availability of the aid and severity of your hearing loss. Our expert audiologists are always there to answer your queries.

Battery Information

Batteries and hearing aids should be kept away from children and in case a child is using the aid, then it necessary to monitor the child closely. The batteries are toxic and dangerous and should not be swallowed. The batteries are to be stored in cool and dry place, but should not be stored in or over the fridge/refrigerator. In case it is swallowed either by a child or grown up; it should be taken very seriously and as a medical emergency and thus an expert physician should be immediately consulted.

In general, provided the instrument is used at optimum settings, and are used around 16 hours per day, the batteries last for 7-14 days. After the batteries are dead, they should be carefully disposed. Even dead batteries are toxic and thus are harmful for children. Normally, a battery cost around INR 25. Small batteries die out quickly and the heavier and bigger batteries offer better performance. The sizes of hearing aid batteries are listed below along with their standard number and color codes.


  • Size 5 RED
  • Size 10 (or 230) YELLOW
  • Size 13 ORANGE
  • Size 312 BROWN
  • Size 675 BLUE

Always Keep your Batteries in a cool dry place, like the back of your sock drawer, not the fridge!

Top Hearing Aid Brands

brand-unitron starkey elcon widex resound phonak berna belton oticon