Hearing aids are in use for quite some time and a lot have changed in its design and quality. In the present time, a properly chosen hearing aid works perfectly, provided it is adjusted properly. These aids not only amplify sound but you can modulate sound as per your liking and requirement. However, those who are using it for the first time should have realistic expectations from this aid. Generally, people do not find their right and left aid an exact fit, both in terms of fitting and in terms of quality of sound they offer.

Further, it should be duly considered that no term of usage of hearing aids could restore natural hearing ability. Some people might feel remain conscious of the aids in their ear until they get used to it. Additionally, if you work or live in an area that has lot of background noise, then it is advisable to go for an aid that can cancel background noise. However, no aid is able to completely cut off background noise.

Your Own Voice

“Funny” is the general perception of your own voice that most of the people perceive when they start using hearing aids. The amplification of your voice is also irregular and unevenly amplified until you use a smart and one of the latest digital hearing aids. Some people also describe as if they keep on hearing echoes of their own voice. However, such sensations cease to exist after some days of use. You can also seek advice from our expert audiologists and they will be more than happy to set the hearing aid at the level that is best suited for you.

Getting Used to Hearing Aids

Not all people get used to their hearing aids in a week’s time. Some people take longer, when some can feel used to even after a couple of day of using the aids. The key to getting used to the aids lies in tweaking the adjustments to the optimal level or that suits your requirements. It is also necessary that you learn to adjust the settings as per the surrounding you are in at a particular time.

Initially, people also feel fed up of using the aids and it is quite normal for them to remove it. Our expert audiologists advice people to go easy on the aids and do not try to keep wearing it all the time till you get used to your hearing aid. It is also important that people around you know that you are using an aid and so they too re-adjust their voice and amplification accordingly.

Helpful Steps to Learning to Use a Hearing Aid:
  • Home or other friendly environment is deemed best to start using hearing aids
  • Do not test your endurance level; use the aid till you are comfortable
  • Get used to listening and comprehending sound/voice from one person
  • There is no need to strain your senses to get hold of each word/sound
  • Interference of Background noises should not be discouraging
  • Try to locate the source of sound when you hear through the hearing aid
  • Certain level of loud sound should tolerated
  • Learn to differentiate between different sound and voices
  • Read aloud and try to listen and comprehend your own voice
  • Interact with few more close people and try to get into discussion
  • Start using hearing aid at work, while commuting to office and during parties
  • Participate in course of aural rehabilitation
  • Visit your audiologist at regular basis
Physical Fit

Though hearing aids that our expert audiologists will prescribe will be the most suitable one for your need and will be according to structure of your ear, but the aids might not feel like the perfect physical fit. However, when you use them for some days, the feeling of irritation will wane and those same hearing aids will seem to be perfect physical fit for your ear. But, if there is a continuous problem and you feel uncomfortable even after few days then you should consult our audiologist.

Top Hearing Aid Brands

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