Hearing technology has developed enormously in the past and continues to develop at a rapid pace. From analog hearing aids, that provides an equal amount of amplification across all frequencies and works with a volume control, to digital hearing aids, a great transformation has been observed in this industry.

Hearing devices based on the digital technology gives varying levels of amplification across diverse frequencies depending on the degree of hearing loss in every individual. With the advent of this new technology, it has become possible to use wireless solutions like Bluetooth (that enables compatibility with television watching, mobile phones) with hearing devices. This technology also helps easy listening and hearing in big social events like parties, conference room discussions and other allied places.

Decibel Clinic is an authentic dealer of all types of hearing instruments and accessories from reputed brands. We are the most trusted name in this industry that is known for providing quality hearing aids of all brands; to give hearing impaired people natural sound quality and ultimately real life experience. We at Decibel, focus on improving the hearing of people through a hearing care products and excellent customer service in terms of recommending the right hearing device by diagnosing the level of hearing loss of every individual.

The type of hearing devices we supply includes Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) Style, Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) Style, Traditional Behind-the-Ear (BTE) Style, Mini Behind-the-Ear (Mini BTE) Style, Microphone-in-Concha (MIC) Style, Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Style, In-the-Canal (ITC) Style, and Full-Shell Style. Apart from that, we have been strongly connected with the all the major brands of this industry. Our product line consists of hearing machines and accessories from the below mentioned brands:

  • Unitron

    Unitron is a Canada based company that provides a comprehensive range of hearing solutions so that everyone can enjoy the sounds of life. These aids have been made available in a variety of styles.

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  • Starkey

    Starkey is a leader in hearing care domain. Starkey design, develop and offer a comprehensive range of hearing solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of hearing impaired people.

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  • Elkon
  • Widex

    Widex is a reputed supplier of hearing machines and accessories. Its range of hearing devices is known for high quality, best fitting, long life and natural sound quality.

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  • Resound

    ReSound is a world-renowned brand that manufactures high quality hearing solutions. Its hearing aids provide natural sound quality and rich hearing experience to the people suffering with hearing impairment.

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  • Phonak

    Phonak hearing aids offered by Decibel clinic are available in variety of styles & types and capture even soft subtle sounds very clearly.

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  • Bernafon

    Bernafon is a reliable manufacturer of high quality hearing aids that are known for varieties of features like best fit, wireless connectivity and natural sound quality that enables easy communication.

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  • Belton

    Beltone is a well-known company engaged in the manufacturing of all types of hearing aids that has special features and unique advantages for the people suffering with hearing loss problems.

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  • Octicon

    Oticon is among the largest and trusted providers of all types of hearing aids. With its wide range of hearing aids, the brand provides best and effective hearing care solutions to the people.

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" Hearing loss is more noticable than a hearing aid "Yash Malik